Month: March 2015

X-Wing Video Batrep: Dual Defender vs. S&V 4Z/2Y

Dual Defenders vs. S&V 4Z/2Y

In this video battle report, I finally get to fly something that isn’t a Decimator or a Phantom in a skirmish game, and G decides he wants to try out some S&V shenanigans with a minimal dollar investment….

Imperial Assault Campaign: Episode 1 “Aftermath”

Hello Everyone! We have decided to put together a full size group to run the Imperial Assault campaign.We played our first game last week and will be trying to play one game every other week going forward. We started off with campaign mission 1 “Aftermath”. As usual with these types of games I will be…

X-Wing Video Batrep: 300 Point Epic Battle

300 Point Epic Battle

In this week’s video battle report, we decide that we need a change of pace and so we decide to break out the CR-90 for a 300 point game, and I learned that ramming other ships is all fun and games with Oicunn, until someone gets you back with a CR-90……

X-Wing Video Batrep: 58 Dash Special vs. Devilmator/Whisper

58 Dash Special vs. Devilmator/Whispe

In this video battle report, filmed on February 20, 2015, G plays a 58 Dash Special and Lorenzo cannot seem to get it to stick in his memory that Whisper cannot bleeping boost! Check it out below:…

X-Wing Video Batrep: Howlrunner TIE Swarm vs. Devilmator/Whisper

Due to various real life time constraints, this one has been in the can for a bit. G, much to his evident displeasure, plays a TIE swarm, while I continued my tournament prep (for all the good it did me!) for a store championship tournament. Check out the video below the jump:…