Month: November 2015

X-Wing Video Campaign Report: The Will of the Empire – Game 2

This week we play the second installment of the Will of the Empire campaign that comes with the Imperial Raider expansion. G brings four B-Wings to the party to attempt to resist the firepower of the Raider, TIE Advanced, and mini TIE swarm that Lorenzo ran for the Ion Tempest mission….

Imperial Assault Skirmish Battle Report: Wookies vs. Stormtroopers

This week we get to test drive some new Imperial Assault releases in a skirmish game. G tries out the Wookie Warrors, while Lorenzo tries out Heavy Stormtroopers and Kayn Somos. Find out what happens when 4 Wookies and Gideon take on 14 Stormtroopers for control of two prototype droids……