Month: January 2016

Imperial Assault Video Campaign Report: Game 4 – Armed and Operational

In today’s video: Lorenzo throws down hordes of Imperial troops, G tries to get the Rebel Saboteurs to the prototype, Gaarkhan fluffs a phenomenal number of dice rolls, and we try out filming IA with a camera boom….

X-Wing Video Campaign Report: The Will of the Empire – Game 3

This time we play Admiral Ackbar’s favourite mission: G brings a boatload of Z’s and Y’s to the party, Lorenzo goes another game without needing to use the TIE/fo’s Segnor’s Loop, and we have to put an extra viewer discretion disclaimer due to coarse language and unjustified dice rage……

Q&A With Anto From Icarus Miniatures

Hello Everyone, Today we have a special treat for you. A little while ago we played a test game of the Icarus Project (here) to see how we liked the rules. Overall we were very impressed and intend to keep an eye on all further developments from Icarus Miniatures going forward. Since we found the…

Imperial Assault Video Campaign Report: Game 3 – Under Siege

This week G’s heroes face an Imperial onslaught in the Under Siege mission, we manage to play an entire game solely with painted models, and the the outcome of the game ends up coming down to a single dice roll……

Icarus Project Video Battle Report: Playtesting Beta 0.1.6

Today G and Lorenzo playtest a beta set of rules for Project Icarus, a Sci-Fi based skirmish game still in development. G has been following their progress and buying the models as they were released, and we figured this game would be great on our 3D modular terrain….

X-Wing Battle Report: Epic, but Short

G and Lorenzo finally pit a CR-90 led Rebel fleet against a Raider led Imperial fleet but the game has to be called early due to time, though the ultimate outcomes was already clear…….