Month: February 2016

X-Wing Battle Report: Youngster Swarm vs. List Tailored Zs

In today’s game: Lorenzo tries out a Youngster based TIE swarm using the unreleased Rage EPT. G literally Google’s “how to beat tie swarms” and makes a tailored list based on the first Google result, and the game turns into a very quick smash’n’grab….

Icarus Project Battle Report: Trouble on the Mary Elizabeth

In today’s game G and Lorenzo race to diffuse or ensure the detonation of a series of bombs on the Mary Elizabeth in this experimental narrative scenario for the Beta 0.17 Icarus Project rules. The Icarus Project beta rules can be found at…

Imperial Assault Campaign Report: Game 5 – Imperial Hospitality

In today’s video: G tries to rescue Gideon from an Imperial holding cell, Lorenzo sends in a billion dudes to try and stop him, G rants about Gaarkhan again, and the game ends up being an epic 11-turn meat-grinder that comes down to a single dice-roll….