This week we actually sat down with Rogue B and played the second mission in the rulebook. This mission features a trapped Rebel ship that is trying to repair its hyperdrive while hiding from an Imperial patrol searching for it before it can make its escape. This mission was Rogue B’s first mission with obstacles and we were both eager to see how things would play out on the table. Click the jump to read more. Turn 1 Deployment

Basic Setup, we did almost exactly what is in the rulebook as we were trying to keep it as simple as possible since it was Rogue B’s first game with obstacles.

Turn 1: Movement and Combat

Based on the way the board was setup I expected combat to occur n the middle of the board fairly quickly.


Dark Curse went 4 Straight and popped Evade, Mauler went 3 Straight and did a Barrel Roll to get around the asteroid in his path. Luke went last and placed a Target Lock on Dark Curse.


Luke managed to miss all his shots even with the TL due to Dark Curse rolling well on the defense dice and using his evade token. Mauler was not in a position to shoot. Dark Curse fired back at Luke but Luke managed to evade all incoming fire. Play advanced to the next round with neither side suffering any damage.

Turn 2 Movement and Combat: 

After an uneventful shooting phase I decided to follow up my performance with some of the worst TIE Fighter maneuvering the world has ever seen.


Dark Curse does a 3 K-turn to veer around and chase Luke pulling a stress token. Mauler does a 3 bank, clips the tip of the Asteroid and manages to not only lose an action but suffer a critical hit which reduced his Pilot Skill to zero for the rest of the game. Luke banks again an pops a focus.


Luke is unable to shoot which isn’t so bad since his job is to flee. Mauler can’t shoot as he is straddling an asteroid. Dark curse manages to knock a shield off of Luke.

Turn 3: 

Mauler flies directly into another Asteroid…. because science. Seriously I am terrible at using TIE Fighters.


Mauler, being Pilot Skill 0, decided that his best option was to fly right into another obstacle (Yes I know this is my own fault, No I do not care). Dark Curse did a 3 straight and a Barrel Roll. and Skywalker continued to run away popping Focus.


Nobody could shoot… God weeps!

Turn 4:

Some more stellar maneuver continues this turn. I think Rogue B should teach me how to play.


I forgot Mauler was PS 0 when I set his dial and he crashed right into Dark Curse before he actually moved. Dark Curse does a 1 speed right turn and bumps into Luke and loses his action. Luke does a 2 right turn and once again…..


NO SHOOTING…. honestly I’m terrible.

Turn 5

Luke is able to now escape the board. I have two turns to kill him or its game.


Mauler does a 4 K-turn to turn and hopefully will be able to shoot Luke. Dark Curse does another 1 right turn and pops focus. Luke does a 3 bank and pops focus heading toward the board edge.


Nobody aside from Mauler can shoot… and Mauler misses because… I HATE THIS GAME!

Turn 5:

Luke Escapes… Which I’m sure everyone saw coming from Turn 2.

Turn 6 Recap

The TIE’s move into shooting range, they have to roll really good to kill Luke. Luke is heading to the board’s edge. Dark Curse and Mauler both manage to roll blanks. I basically packed up my models, sold all my assets and moved into a van and now live under a bridge.



I did not like this scenario as much as the first one.Which might be because I kept hitting stuff and my TIE’s cannot shoot the broad side of a barn. It was like Stormtroopers were flying the TIE’s this game. Rogue B actually managed to out play me though, to her great credit. I was barely ever able to get a shot on Luke making it easy for her to escape. I’d play it again with a larger list but I’m not sure that would drastically increase my liking of this scenario. However, Rogue B was happy with her win and we look forward to our next game.


Thanks for Reading!