Hey Everyone. Lorenzo and I have decided to paint our Imperial Assault miniatures to add more flavor to our games. Click the Jump to see how they are turning out!

First we have the main event Lord Vadar. You’ve seen that he was painted in our Imperial Assault video because I made a point of painting him the moment he came out of the box. I’m really happy of the way he turned out. He’s just awaiting some matte varnish for protection, and a Touch of gloss to bring out the shine on his helmet and armor.

Love this model. His light saber was a bit bent when I opened him up, but a hot water bath took care of that. I think he looks great.

Next up we have the regular Storm Troopers. I painted these three guys once already and was unhappy with how they turned out. I’m not a great painter by any means but they were below even my level of acceptance. So I went online to look for a painting tutorial to help me figure out how to get a bit more from the miniatures. I found one here:  Now this guy is a badass and I’m not nearly as good with a brush as he is soooo after doing the first three steps in his tutorial I ended up with the Storm Troopers looking like this.

Just Primed White, Painted the black areas with a Dark Grey and then went over it with black wash. So far so good.

Now this is where the wheels kinda fall off the bus a bit. I do not boast a particularily steady hand so after painting the white back on the miniatures. I ended up with them looking like this:

Front: Not too bad, not great, not as good as the video but I’m happy with them.


Side: Not Bad! honestly Lorenzo’s photography makes you feel like a ape with a crayon.

The Money Shot!….

Overall I don’t think they turned out too badly, I’m happy with them. The only thing left for these miniatures is like Vadar they need to get a coating of Matte Varnish as well as Gloss Varnish on the armor to make it pop a bit more. I opted not to do battle damage because I’m not a fan of it. I like my miniatures to look pristine. I also painted up the Elite (Red) squad of Storm Troopers and borrowed a little from the Clone Wars TV series by adding a touch of color to differentiate them from the rank and file Storm Troopers. These were painted in the same method except I added blue to certain panels and my idea of freehand on the helmet.

Front: I think the blue looks sharp. Kinda wanted to do them all that way…

Side: Looking good.

Rear: Going to have to redo that guy on the lefts base….

So these models are awaiting the last three storm troopers in the box to be completed before they can get their varnish and gloss on. I’m hoping to get these guys done by next weekend where I will post some more finished pictures of the miniatures. I think I’m going to do the Probe Droids next something dark that doesn’t require the use of white lol! anyway stay tuned for more Imperial Assault Coverage this week as we are done prep games for our last Store Championship Tournament.