In today’s video battle report, G and Lorenzo re-record a game they played two days ago because Lorenzo forgot that Autothrusters works at range 3, G tries to use synergy, and Juno Eclipse does whatever the hell she wants…

The Video

The Lists

Imperial List – 100 Points

Juno Eclipse [TIE/x1, Push the Limit, Advanced Targeting Computer] (32)

Darth Vader [TIE/x1, Predator, Advanced Targeting Computer] (33)

Soontir Fel [Royal Guard TIE, Push the Limit, Stealth Device, Autothrusters] (35)

The idea with this list was to put Soontir and the other two pilots in opposite corners of the deployment zone and force opponents to engage one half while being flanked by the other, while all three pilots should be able to take double actions almost every turn.

Rebel List – 99 Points

Wes Janson [R3-A2, Flechette Torpedoes, Veteran Instincts, Munitions Failsafe] (35)

Wedge Antilles [R2 Astromech, Opportunist] (34)

“Hobbie” Klivian [R2-D6, Opportunist] (30)

G: “Lol G Flys a dated x wing synergy list that fails spectacularly since he got tired of the easy button of Ion Spam.” (Editor’s note: Don’t look at me, those were his exact words…)