We try playing at 400 points to see if that addresses our concerns with Armada, G tries a double whale list, and we move our final thoughts to the blog for this game…

The Video

The Lists

Imperial List – 394 Points

  • Objectives
    • Advanced Gunnery
    • Hyperspace Assault
    • Minefields
  • Victory-II Star Destroyer
    • Grand Moff Tarkin
    • Admiral Chiraneau
    • Flight Controllers
    • Expanded Hangar Bay
    • Overload Pulse
    • H9 Turbolasers
    • Corrupter
  • Gladiator-II Star Destroyer
    • Weapons Liaison
    • Engine Techs
    • Expanded Launchers
    • Demolisher
  • Darth Vader TIE Advanced Squadron
  • 3 x TIE Advanced Squadron
  • Major Rhymer TIE Bomber Squadron
  • 3 x TIE Bomber Squadron
  • Soontir Fel TIE Interceptor Squadron
  • Mauler Mithel TIE Fighter Squadron

My list was premised on maximizing TIE Advanced, TIE Bombers, and useful named squadrons along with an optimized VSD and GSD to support them.

Rebel List – 399 Points

  • Objectives
    • Most Wanted
    • Fleet Ambush
    • Intel Sweep
  • Assault Frigate Mark II B
    • General Dodonna
    • Adar Tallon
    • Flight Controllers
    • Expanded Hangar Bay
    • Advanced Projectors
    • XX-9 Turbolasers
    • Gallant Haven
  • Assault Frigate Mark II A
    • Gunnery Team
    • XX-9 Turbolasers
    • Paragon
  • CR-90 Corellian Corvette B
    • Engine Techs
    • Overload Puls
    • Jaina’s Light
  • CR-90 Corellian Corvette B
    • Intel Officer
  • Luke Skywalker X-Wing Squadron
  • Wedge Antillies X-Wing Squadron
  • 1 x X-Wing Squadron
  • Keyan Farlander B-Wing Squadron
  • 1 x B-Wing Squadron
  • Tycho Celchu A-Wing Squadron
  • 1 x A-Wing Squadron

G: I wanted to take a list based onw hat I read on-line was competitive for Rebels at this point value. To that end I opted for a double whale list with a flanking CR-90 and a pretty large compliment of squadrons to go with the Gallant Haven.

Final Thoughts

G: We decided to do a written recap of our final thoughts for our most recent game of Armada to provide a more concise review of our opinions. Lorenzo and I had both done research prior to this game based on some of the comments we received on our last video. Below is a list of our thoughts on this game.

Squadron Management in this game becomes a pretty demoralizing affair. While at the beginning I praised the 400 point list for allowing me the option to basically take what I felt was a pretty decent amount of squadrons. During the game we quickly found that while having more squadrons on the board looked cool. Based on the way squadrons are activated and how they interact with the multiple rules from various fighters and pilots the game play really slowed down and suffered. I don’t think this is based on lack of experience with the system and more to do with way too much bookkeeping.

It’s obvious that FFG intended for the squadrons to have an impact on the game and on the way ships moved. However we don’t feel that it is an intuitive system, or a particularly streamlined one. It has gotten to the point that Lor and I both dread the squadron phase and have decided to minimize or eliminate them for our future games. What originally excited us about Armada was the ability to fly the capital ships from the star wars universe. However with the 400 point increase and the volume of squadrons in this game we just felt that the squadron phased robbed us of our time with the capital ships.

Initiative in this game is way too important. Because of the way ships activate and the limitations of the range of certain armaments it is entirely possible for ships to activate and move just enough to be out of range of your close range weapons. Since you cannot move and shoot it is possible to never take a shot with some ships. I have yet to actually do anything of use with a flanking CR-90 and find the whole concept of a fast moving fragile ship frustrating in this game. Which confuses me even more as this is something very much my style and something I look for when picking a faction.

I just find initiative to be overpowered and honestly think the correct option is to short yourself one squadron from all lists in an attempt to be down enough points to make sure you wind up with initiative. I think a rotational initiative system like what FFG did in Imperial Assault would fix this problem.

Commands and Large Ships is another area we find to be increasingly frustrating. While anticipating and planning is obviously part of any strategy game we feel that the large ships once deployed are very limited in tactical options. We believe that too much of what the capital ships do is decided in the deployment phase. Due to dials being set 2 turns before, mending a mistake or reacting to a move is impossible. Without certain upgrades ships lack the flexibility to react. This is something X wing does well with Pilot Skill. And something Armada doesn’t allow for.

This is something that frustrates me in the late game and why I typically run for the board edge once we’ve passed the start of turn if I’ve taken damage on a ship. I never see a way to get a ship that has been wounded back in the fight and almost always favor re-treating and hoarding the VP’s. While I do that not to lose a game I do not find it enjoyable.

As stated above our next game of Armada will feature no squadrons, I am also taking it upon myself to play Armada at the FLG to see if the community can help me gain an appreciation for this game. We will also continue to do written final thought of Star Wars Armada going forward. Overall we still find Armada to be the weakest of the three game systems made by FFG in the star wars universe. While we will continue to cover it once a month for the site we eagerly await changes to streamline the game and make it more enjoyable.

Thanks for watching and reading,