After a series of unfortunate events prevented us from filming for a few weeks, we finally manage to get in the rematch of 4BZ vs. 4 TIE Advanced using the upgrades from the forthcoming Imperial Raider expansion. It turns out to be an incredibly close game!

The Video

The Lists

Imperial List – 100 Points

Tempest Squadron Pilot [TIE/x1, Cluster Missiles, Accuracy Corrector] (25) x 4

Same as last time, the idea with this list was to use target locks only once on each TIE Advanced to get the auto 4+ hits from cluster missiles off, and then take evades for the rest of the game while inflicting 2 hits per TIE Advanced with every attack.

Rebel List – 100 Points

Blue Squadron Pilot (22) x 4

Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)

G: It’s 4BZ…