Today G and Lorenzo playtest a beta set of rules for Project Icarus, a Sci-Fi based skirmish game still in development. G has been following their progress and buying the models as they were released, and we figured this game would be great on our 3D modular terrain.

The Video

The Lists

Alliance List – 37 Points

Gabriel Cross (20)
The Gunslinger (17)

L: Neat looking miniatures. No list decisions yet because only these two miniatures are out for The Alliance at this time.

Nexus List – 39 Points

Nexus Grunt (13)
Nexus Grunt (13)
Nexus Grunt (13)

G: Normally I hate alien races, and have little desire to play them…. however the Nexus are just too sick to ignore. Didn’t want to add upgrades and stuff to keep the game as simple as possible.

For more information on this game visit: Icarus Miniatures