In today’s game: We decide to play two ship lists, we can’t bloody remember to use Rebel Captive, G tries out new Han, Lorenzo discovers how good Palpatine is for a Whisper/Chiraneau list, and we both remember why we don’t usually play two ship lists…


The Video

The Lists

Imperial List – 100 Points

Rear Admiral Chiraneau [VT-49 Decimator, Adaptability, Emperor Palpatine, Rebel Captive, Engine Upgrade] (61)

“Whisper” [TIE Phantom, Fire-Control System, Veteran Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device] (39)

Rebel List – 100 Points

Han Solo (Heroes of the Resistance) [YT-1300, Expose, Ezra Bridger, Gunner, Millennium Falcon (Segnor’s Loop Version)] (59)

Poe Dameron (PS9 Version) [T-70 X-Wing, R2-D2, Expose, Integrated Astromech] (41)