Shortly after receiving the Dropfleet Commander Pledge and realizing that the mat that was provided with the pledge was not big enough to cover a 4X4 table Lorenzo and I knew we had to get a mat for our videos.  We didn’t want to just grab any mat though, we were looking for something custom. I had read somewhere about people using Google Maps to create mats for Dropfleet and I thought it would be cool to do the same. Click the jump to see my thoughts on the experience.

After looking around on the web I stumbled upon Inked Gaming’s website. Having never done any business with them before, I wasn’t sure what to expect – but they were basically awesome. When we ordered the mat there was a discount code that I missed but they honoured it after my purchase. When UPS made huge mistakes and somehow damaged my mat, Inked Gaming waited for it to return, re-packaged it and re-shipped right away. They remained in contact with me through all the difficulties and now that I have received the mat I’m thrilled with the quality. So much so I’m considering getting one done up for X-wing and another done for Dropzone Commander.

They will probably never win a game on the mat, but at least they look good.

The process of creating the mat was pretty simple, I went on Google Maps and played with the settings to get rid of all the actual information from the map. Once I was left with a pretty clear image I still had to do some small editing in Microsoft Paint to cover up some things that would not disappear through options. Once I had an image that was free of anything I didn’t want I simply resized the photo as per the specifications on Inked Gaming’s website and imported it. Added the mat to my cart, paid and began waiting for it to arrive. Overall I think the whole process took an hour’s work and that’s mostly because I had no idea how to operate Google Maps and suck at image editing.

Looks just as good with the UCM.

Overall having now received the mat I can say we’re very pleased. Definitely if you are in the market for some cool custom work check out Inked Gaming at their website. We are looking forward to getting in our next game of Dropfleet soon.