New Hobby Table article. As promised it will contain the finished pictures of the Halo Ground Command however due to a decision to film a second Kingdom Death video I wanted to get our first two survivor miniatures for The Artist and Jenna done, I also had to build a model to represent Zero because we went to such lengths to get the Cat Gut Bow and the Claw Head Arrow. So click the jump to see how I went about doing that. 

Heavy Weapons for the squad, these guys are packing the Iconic Halo Rocket Launcher

For the Halo Marines I followed the process in the previous post. As mentioned the models that I glued to the base were a huge pain to paint, and going forward I will never do such a thing again. However once the whole unit was complete they came out all right. Considering how small the models are I’m more than happy with the overall quality of the paint job and the method I used to achieve this wasn’t to time consuming. It won’t win any panting competitions but for the table top I think its adequate.

Whole squad finished, happy with them and a little sad that I have to delay painting the Covenant for the time being.

I was looking forward to getting to work on the Covenant Grunts and had washed them all up as they are all metal and needed a cleaning. However we decided to play a second game of Kingdom Death as we really wanted to fight the Slenderman encounter to truly test out some of our more powerful characters. This forced me to spend my hobby time on building the actual Slenderman and Zero  miniatures. I also knew that I wanted to get the two models representing The Artist and Jenna done because these two characters have been carrying us through our campaign so far and it was time they got miniatures painted.

Definitely not as scary as the monster from Stranger Things but they definitely behave the same.

With regards to building Slenderman I had some concerns regarding the miniature. Those tentacles, legs and hands are so spindly I expected to split the model in half by accident or at least knock off a finger. However the model like everything else I’ve built from Kingdom Death was sturdier than I expected and it went together like a dream with just basic plastic glue. I would have liked to get the model painted but that wasn’t going to happen in the time I had so you will have to stay tuned for that in a future article.

I’m a big fan of this pose, looks like he’s taking a break before unleashing his claw head arrow to start the encounter.

Zero actually went together well and I’m a big fan of the pose. I really like the labels on the sprue that tell you which hand goes with what piece etc. This made building a model from all those various parts fairly easy. Overall I think the model looks cool as well which doesn’t hurt.

So lets get to the meat of the article. Jenna and The Artist. I assembled these models some time ago with the intention to paint them but based on life being crazy for me during the holiday season they have been neglected and sitting on the shelf. Since they were going up against Slenderman it was time. I painted The Artist first because I know that Lorenzo would have cut my hands off with one of his knives if I painted my figure before his.

So due to technical difficulties I am unable to provide the names of the paints I used, however they are from the current range of GW paints and will be provided in detail when I paint the Zero model. Basically I painted the skin areas first before working my way up to the beige and finally the brown. Than I used GW washes on the whole model. Flesh wash for flesh, brown for the leather and sepia for the cloth areas. I then wait for it to dry and go back over with a watered down version of the original colour. After that I consider the model done.

Side shot of Jenna, I’m really happy with how the Axe turned out. Most of that is due to the detail in the bit itself, but the washes really picked out the scratches making it look like a weathered piece of bone. I used Charadon Granite for the black leather bits on the Axe as well… That was my favorite GW paint and I’m sad I won’t be able to replenish my pot once its done.

Overall the models took about an hour each, which for tabletop quality seems reasonable to me. I was also watching The Expanse at the time so I probably could have shaved about 5-10 minutes off the time if I was going hell for breakfast but really I think that’s the opposite of why I paint miniatures in the first place.

Really happy with how The Artist turned out, He doesn’t actually rock a Skull Helm anymore but the model looks crazy with those two massive Katars. Out of all my KD models he’s one of my favorites and he’s managed to carve out quite a legend in our current play-through.


I’ve never really held back on my feelings regarding the delayed fulfillment of Kingdom Death and the lack of adequate communication during the campaign still bothers me. However it was a tremendous wait but finally having the models and being able to build them, paint them and more importantly use them in a game in a consistent (unless they die) basis is actually doing wonders for my opinion of the game. We ended up backing the most recent kickstarter for the updated cards to keep our current purchases as up to date as possible. We did not back any of the expansions or add on content because we figure that by the time we are done playing through what we currently have we will probably want to move on to other games. That said for those of you who backed you are in for a treat.. maybe 10 years from now but a treat none the less.

Anyway we will be posting another Hobby Table article soon, let me know what you think of the models showcased here. Yes I know I have not finished the bases yet, still trying to decide what  colour to make the bases around the edge. Also I can only speculate at this time what the next models will be, We have certain content planned that will dictate what I paint going into and throughout February however I may be able to get something done about those Covenenat models. Stay tuned for more from the Hobby Table.