I thought it would be interesting to post battle reports of all the missions that come provided with the various ships and the main rule book. I’m hoping to post a Batrep in this series bi-weekly and am also using them as a teaching aid. The person playing the Rebels (Hence Rogue B) is new to X-wing and will be learning the ropes as we go from mission to mission. So to get this started we played the first mission in the main rule book.

Mission 1: Political Escort


Setup: Goal here is for the Rebel player to defend the escaping Senator’s shuttle which must make its way to the Imperial players Table Edge. Imperial player has to stop that from happening.

Turn 1: Movement

Rebels: Moved the Shuttle 2 Straight. and Moved the X-wing 3 bank left and placed a Target lock on TIE Fighter 31 (Furthest Away from the Camera)

Imperials: Trying to get the TIE Fighters in close enough for some early shots with the intention of K-turning next turn to fire on the Shuttle as it makes it’s escape.

Turn 1: Movement, TIE Fighters move toward the shuttle, X-wing moves to Engage

Turn 1: Combat

Rebels: The X-wing fires on TIE Fighter 31 and uses up its Target Lock only managing to inflict 1 point of damage.

Imperial: The TIE Fighter 31 does one damage to the shuttle and TIE Fighter 30 misses it completely. So far things are not going well for the Imperials.

Turn 2: Movement

Rebels: Shuttle does a 1 Right bank trying to get out of range of the approaching TIE Fighters. The X-wing flies 2 forward and Target Locks TIE Fighter 31 again.

Imperial: TIE 31 moves 2 bank left trying to avoid hitting the shuttle and maybe dodge the X-wing’s arc of fire but doesn’t quite clear it. TIE 30 does a 4 speed K-turn to end up behind the shuttle but just out of firing arc.

Turn 2: Combat

Rebels: The X-wing is taking it’s escort roll seriously. Using the Target Lock at range 1 of TIE 31 pops the ship even with it’s evade token.

Imperial: TIE 31 blew up before he could do anything, and TIE 30 can’t shoot either target. Profit!

End of Turn 2 Combat. The Rebel shuttle and X-wing has out positioned the Imperial TIE wing and managed to blow up one of the enemy ships. Due to scenario rules TIE 31 rejoins the conflict, hopefully wiser and more eager to contribute.

Turn 3: Movement

Rebels: Shuttle does a 1 left bank heading toward the edge again. X-wing moves 1 straight and bumped the shuttle losing an action.

Imperial: TIE 30 does a 2 right bank moving into firing position of the shuttle while TIE 31 with it’s shiny new paint job races up the board to engage the shuttle as well. Both ships place Focus.

Turn 3: Combat

Rebel: X-wing opens fire on TIE 30 scoring a hit and a crit. TIE 30 manages rolls an eye which is used to cancel the hit. Crit Card flips up and says that the next time TIE 30 fires, it cant roll dice. The best defense is a good offense.

Imperial: TIE 30 is enjoying a cruise while TIE 31 fires and misses the shuttle. Honestly!

Even after bumping and missing it’s action the X-wing lays the hurt on TIE 30 stopping it from firing.

Turn 4: Movement

Rebels: Shuttle does a right bank at speed 1 and the X-wing  does a right 2 bank. The X-wing ends up right in TIE 30’s kill slot.

Imperials: TIE 30 is in a rough spot, wholly out maneuvered. TIE 31 is the Imperial’s best hope as he’s at Range 1 and in the kill slot of the shuttle.

Turn 4 Movement complete, both the Imperials and Rebels have ships in trouble.

Turn 4: Combat

Rebels: X-wing uses his Target Lock and somehow still manages to miss TIE 30,

Imperials: TIE 30 still has no targets and TIE 31 manages to miss the shuttle again.. The dice hate me.

Turn 5: Movement

Rebels:  Shuttle does a left 1 bank going for the edge again. X-wing moves 2 bank right and uses protect to save the shuttle some damage.

Imperials: TIE 30 does a 3 K-turn in the hopes of doing some damage to the X-wing, TIE 31  goes 2 straight staying right behind the shuttle.

I still remember how confident I felt when my TIE’s were in this position….

Turn 5: Combat

Rebels: X-wing is out of position and can’t shoot.

Imperials: TIE 30 lights up the X-wing which has dogged him the last two turns and puts out his shields. TIE 31 not to be out done manages to put 1 damage on the escaping shuttle.

Turn 6: Movement

Rebels: Shuttle moves 2 straight bringing it a turn away from escape. X wing does a 4 K-turn putting both TIE 30 and TIE 31 in his sights with just enough time on the clock for one more pass.

Imperials: TIE 30 swings to the left with just the smallest margin in his arc able to shoot the shuttle. TIE 31 moves 2 straight maintaining the pursuit of the fleeing shuttle.

It’s going to get real dicey from this point forward.

Turn 6 Combat (Where is your God now)

Rebels: X-wing shoots TIE 31 at Range 1, Rolls four dice scores the below.


Yup, that’s a natural 3 hits and a crit on a TIE fighter.

Imperial: TIE 31 just eats it. Rolls 3 evade dice and comes up blank, focus token can’t help him and he moves on to the great Imperial Hangar in the sky. All that before he could shoot. Not to be outdone TIE 30 misses the shuttle at range 1 with 3 attacks.


Freedom was never so well earned!

FinishWe ended the game here with Rouge B completely out maneuvering me and blowing up TIE Fighters left and right. The shuttle escaped on the subsequent turn which ended this scenario. That was some of the worst dice luck I have had in a long time. The Imperial ships just could not do anything. Also the Red Squadron Pilot really took care of business. Man I have a whole new level of respect for that ship. It went toe to toe with three ships over the course of the game and didn’t even scratch the paint.

Rouge B really impressed me with her skills and I’m looking forward to the next game(Once I buy new dice). See you in two weeks with Mission 2: Asteroid Run.

Thanks for Reading.