The magical day has arrived. Kickstarter fulfillment for our pledge has arrived and brought the albeit relatively short wait to an end. We intended to film a video but after suffering some technical issues went a head and switched it up to an article format. Personally I think this works better. Click the jump to see how the new releases shape up.

Lets start with the Alliance starter set. The box the models come in is smaller than I expected. It’s about the same size as an Infinity faction starter but I thought it would be bigger. That’s where the negativity ends though, the boxes are durable. my models arrived safety from across the pond, and on top of that the artwork is really really sharp.

I like the painted miniatures on the back and the little bit of fluff. The Nexus starter is much the same so I’ll just post the images, but overall pretty impressed.

Enough about the packaging, lets get into the real meat of the article which is the models. Icarus Project has always impressed me with the quality being put out by a relatively small enterprise. It was one of the main reasons I brought it to Lorenzo’s attention and it is a major reason why we play the game on our blog as well as back the company on Kickstarter and through regular purchases. It is one of our favorite games to play and as the rules keep getting updated we only like the system more and more.

The new models do not disappoint. They are exactly what we expected when we backed and frankly I can’t wait for this article to be done so I can start working on Hobby Table content featuring the new miniatures.

Alliance Head Sprue

The Alliance Head sprue is meant to allow for variation in the miniatures. Judicious use of these should allow for some variety when assembling a bunch of Alliance Troopers, but they are just as compatible with other models in the range. The sprue comes with two female heads as well to spice up the single pose available for the female trooper. The two heads on the right of the image are female, the three on the left male. Quality and detail are high in the sculpts and they only needed a little cleaning up before being used. I used the female head with the baret on one of my troopers and the head gave the model a much different feel than the stock option. Overall very good bits.

Nexus Head Sprue

The Nexus Sprue did not survive the trip across the pond intact, the heads themselves were fine but they arrived off the spure. The spure gives two variant heads for the Nexus as well as three helmeted heads. I wish I had had these when I assembled my Nexus Grunt to break the models up even more. That being said they are excellent quality as well and I’m looking forward to playing around with the new Nexus models.

Alliance Trooper with Missile Upgrade

The Alliance trooper with the Missile Launcher adds another heavy weapon to the force. It uses the main alliance trooper body but swaps out the rifle for the ML and a cool back pack. Overall I like the look of the Missile Launcher as its a simple design, its not super high tech so that I question why such a lowly trooper is running around with it. By the same token if some of the more elite models in the Alliance were wielding it I’d question it. It seems very WWII to me, which is fine as the Alliance generally remind me of the troopers from Starship Troopers (The Movie.) and it fits with their whole aesthetic at least in my mind. Quality is high as usual and I’m looking forward to getting this guy on the table.

Alliance Trooper with Sword and Pistol

Man that sword is thin and the pistol hand is tiny as well. I didn’t even want to take this miniature out of the bag to take the photo as I am sure I’m going to lose the pieces. Quality is high again. I’m not sure this model will ever see use on the tabletop as the Alliance don’t strike me as a CC army. He looks cool and would make for an interesting squad leader model, but still not sure how useful it’ll be in practice.

Alliance Female Trooper

I have been looking forward to this model since it was revealed in the concept art. I love this model, usefulness, quality, rules, artwork, none of that contributes for why I love this model. I love this model for what it represents. This might be the first miniature of a woman I’ve seen that does not accentuate a woman’s physical assets in any way. I’m sure there may be others out there but this is the first one that crossed my path. And I think its excellent. She’s got more kit on her than the male marines, she’s got a standard size chest-plate that looks like it rolled of the same assembly line as the male chest-plates. Her hair is tucked back and cut short. She’s completely covered in equipment and gear. I have no idea how big her cup size is and that’s refreshing.

Now I’m not a prude, we backed Kingdom Death, I’m not arguing that sex doesn’t sell etc. That is Kingdom Death’s style and it works for Kingdom Death. This model suits Icarus Projects realistic science fiction edge. I hope we see more female versions of units in the future and I hope that they remain as tastefully done as this piece. The only comment I have is that for some reason her rifle is smaller than the male rifle. I’m not sure what the design decision behind that was, or maybe the gun just looked funny at full size. At the end of the day its a stupid thing to even be complaining about considering what else the miniature does right.

Alliance Outrider Scout

Now I like this model from an aesthetic point of view, and having spoken to Anto recently about some of the reasons he put this model into the game I can see how it will be tactically important. Originally I wasn’t sure it would see use as we tend to shy away from high risk high reward models in skirmish games where the stakes are high on a model to model basis but I’m intrigued and would like to see how this model actually preforms. As for the sculpt itself its amazing, The king of model I’d like to use in a Sci-Fi RPG. Looking into buying a second model to convert into a bike rider as they get that as a war-gear option.

Nexus with Missile Launcher

The Nexus Grunts finally get a model to represent their heavy weapons on the tabletop. This looks way more Sci-Fi than the Alliance version. I’m going to have to start thinking about how to use these heavy weapons to support my waves of Brawlers and Ferrals as they move up the table. Expect to see this model and the Alliance Equivalent in¬†game two of our Icarus Project Campaign.

Nexus Assassin

I must confess as far as this model goes I know nothing, I haven’t had a chance to go over the rules for it nor to use it in games. I purchased it cause it was new and I figured having a sniper model as an option would be a good idea. I’m looking forward to getting him built, painted and on the table for some high calibre learning though. Model looks good and I like the light Nexus body suit and Combat Armour. His sniper rifle also looks like it would pack a hell of a bullet so that’s okay with me as well.

Nexus Brawler

Yeah I bought four of these guys, and another to convert a Grunt into a Brawler to get some pose variation and to proxy as The Champion in future games. The arms look a bit confusing but after building two they are not difficult to assemble at all. I love the windup pose likes he’s about to unleash hell on an opponent. Sign me up, sick model, sick stats. Cant ask for more…. okay a jet pack would be cool but that might be pushing it.

I also took some pictures of the artwork and cards you get with the starter but the cards have been temporarily put on hold as the model stats are still in flux and since the game is still in beta wasting money on printing cards is not in the best interest of growing the game. So they are basically only for keeping track of models health etc. Stats should be read directly from the most current version of the rules and written down. Artwork is of excellent quality as usual but since its not a main part of the game at this time no need to show it all in this post as it is long enough.

Stay tuned to our blog though, Hobby Table showcasing the excellent Terrain we got will be coming up as well as painting all these new models.