Too be honest I’m not sure why I thought this would be a good idea, or an easy job. Unlike the Nexus bike conversion I had previously done the Alliance Outrider is not even remotely in a pose to suit being mounted on a bike. This was by far my boldest conversion to date and while I am happy with the results I may not attempt anything like this any time soon. I remembered to take pictures throughout the process for the most part so you should be able to adequately follow along with my progress. So lets get started shall we.

The project came about when I realized I wanted the Alliance to have the option to take a bike similar to my Nexus, since the model does not exist but the outrider does that left us with only one real choice if we wanted to make it happen. Convert the Alliance Outrider using another one of Corvus Belli’s excellent bike models. To that end I had a left over Alliance Trooper Female head with a gas mask I wanted to use so I decided since we’re converting might as well go female. That led us to buy the following two models to build from.

Finally both pieces of the conversion arrived, it is insane how hard it is to get Corvus Belli models here.

Alliance Outrider Scout from Icarus Miniatures: here

And the wonderful

Penthesilia Amazon Warrioress: here

With these two miniatures and some green stuff (brown stuff actually I think from PP) I set off into what would be a difficult modeling challenge. The original plan was to use Penthesilia’s body for the model with the top half of the Alliance Outrider for the cloak, and the arms and sniper rifle and then the spare Alliance Trooper head. Thankfully Penthesilia’s bike is a one piece model so that was simply a matter or priming and painting. In the picture above you can see what the models looked like in their respective packages.

Basic pieces assembled after cutting minus the cloak. This was after the multiple cuts and re cuts but over all the pieces turned out ok.

After a few minutes of dry fitting I realized we had some serious flaws in the plan. To make the model a woman I would have to accommodate the bust which leaves precious little room for the top of the shoulders of the Outrider model unless I wanted to make the model seem like it had an over sized chest area which isn’t the case. Getting the cutting right on this took at least three attempts.  but finally I was able to shave it down to an angle I was happy with, the Alliance head I had chosen also didn’t fit in the Outrider head socket so it’s neck had to be trimmed down and some brown stuff used to attach it. I sculpted this into a sort of Bandana around the riders neck. I was able to fit the Outrider arm holding the pistol onto the torso of Penthesilia pretty easy, but when cutting the torso it became apparent that the sniper rifle wasn’t going to match up and I decided to use right arm of Penthesilia to connect to the bike. I also removed Penthesilia’s sharp knee pads and replaced it with the rounded pads frequently seen on the Alliance models. Once all that was done I ended up with what you see above.

Next I decided to get started on the base for the miniature. The base would need to be done first so that when the time came to build the model I would have a firm place to afix it to. I used some cardboard for the floor tiles, model railroad bedding for the larger stones and GW sand and flock for the rest. The tiles were painted, the base was washed and done. I then painted the edge blue to match the rest of the Alliance Miniatures in our collection.

This is the base with the cardboard tiles laid down.

And the railroad bedding.

And the GW sand.

Next up it was time to get started on the bike. We painted this the basic grey I use on all Alliance models for thematic purposes. Once this dried we did a wash and highlight and moved on to the blue panels and metal parts of the bike.

This was hands down the easiest part of the project. Which was a relief before getting into the actual rider.

Once the bike had been finished in blue and grey and the metal had been washed and highlighted I used some Dust Tactics transfers to add skulls to the blue panel to make them pop a bit more, and warning logo on the engine block just to add a spark of detail. Overall the bike was finished and it was time to move on to the more difficult task of preparing the rider to be mounted on the bike.

The bike is complete!

Even the substantial amount of dry fitting didn’t help because apparently when you cut a model into tiny little pieces, all the glue and green stuff in the world will not help you put it back together again easily. The pieces would set, seem sturdy and then once I tried to put the rider on the bike parts would then fall off requiring more dry fitting and re-attachment. However after something like three days of leaving the model dry fit over night to dry, the pieces finally stuck together in a way which enabled me to mount the rider on the bike. Seen below.

It was a huge relief waking up to a model that no longer fractured to pieces when I tried to sit her on the bike.

In the above picture you also see that I was able to find a solution to the cloak problem which had been vexing me throughout the build. I’ve never sculpted anything major from green stuff, and the Outrider cloak on the model doesn’t fit on Penthesilia’s bike. So I was forced to cut it off early in the process. I was worried I’d have to go without or sculpt something from scratch which I assure you would have been of poor quality. Happily enough the cut I made on the cloak lined up well with the cut I made on the shoulders. Almost completely. I was able to fill in the gaps with the modelling putty which then hardened holding the piece on. This created a shorter rider style cloak than the one worn by the standard Alliance Outrider. Lucky for me I guess!

Mounted on the base

With the model assembled I mounted in on the base and let it dry for a few hours in the sun. Once I was satisifed we began painting the model itself. The standard two tone grey colour scheme of my Alliance force with the blue armour highlights. Easy enough to do on a stand alone model, more time consuming when working around a bike. Also you can see that the head has since fallen off. First try picking up the model and pop goes the weasel. I decided to leave it off for the time being and moved on.

Almost done!

Once the model had been mostly painted leaving only the fine detail work left, I placed the head back on and let it sit over night praying it wouldn’t pop off again. I was rewarded for my patience and was able to commence working on the head. I painted the mask, the hair and the face, let them dry, washed them for detail and highlighted over. The model held together well through this process and I was left with this as a result

Left Side showing the transfers on the bike and the communication gear on her arm.

Back side, this shows how tight the cloak was to fit onto the raised edge of Penthesilia’s bike

Right Side: you can see another transfer here as well.

Front Right: Looks very Dynamic to me!

Front Left: Not bad for someone who never fully converted anything in his life!

: Conclusion: So it worked and it came together well which is as good as can be expected considering I had never done this before. The bike was definitely the easiest part where as the rider was tough and required a lot of work. This project took way more effort than the previous Nexus Biker model did. However if I do say so myself I am big fan of the finished product and can’t want to use it in a game this week. Once Lorenzo comes by I will have him take some better glamour shots which will be posted on our FB page if anyone is looking for better images than I can produce with my 5 year old Sony Cyber Shot. Anyway thank’s for checking in and I hope to have more hobby stuff to post in the future. I am currently working on something for Dropfleet Commander so that should be what pops up next time.