It has been some time since we have posted any content on the blog. This was due to a severe Work/Life imbalance on my part and getting any time to shoot videos or create blog posts was almost impossible. But hopefully that is behind us now and we are looking forward to getting back to basics with the blog. We have also been working on a soon to be announced project that did eat up quite a bit of time but we’re eager to start sharing this with you in 2018. Click the jump to see what I’ve been working on during my holidays. 

Not a miniature but I thought it was cool enough to share

During the holiday season my wife and I were walking through an antique shop in a small town near our home where I found this old school desk from the 1880’s. We had an empty nook in our home where we always wanted to add something. My wife saw this desk and said it would be perfect for a hobby desk, much better than the kitchen or coffee table which I was currently using. We ended up walking out with it and it is now serving quite well as a work space for my modeling endeavors. Really has a lot of character, there are some student initials carved into the desk as well. We are currently debating sanding it down and refinishing it but I think it would lose some of that rustic charm the piece has right now.

Organized Chaos. I need to slowly make the switch to Vallejo Paints over the GW ones as they dry out less quickly.

Right before the Holiday Season I purchased the 2nd Edition of Mansions of Madness by FFG, having played the first game and having issue with the DM job the first edition required I was looking forward to trying out the app based version of the game. I have since played through the game a couple of times and found it to be incredible. Most of the feedback from my gaming group has been extremely positive as well. This led to me wanting to get these miniatures painted to further enhance the experience.

I started with my favorite of the new characters.  Tommy Muldoon, a young street cop with a heck of a firearm. I typically always play characters that fit the combat roll in this game, and being able to start the game with one of the best firearms available is a pretty big positive in my book.

It has been forever since I’ve painted anything blue, but I’m really happy with how he turned out. The models mirror the quality of the Imperial Assault models pretty well.

Rear View!

Next we have Diana Stanley who was painted all the way up to the detail stage by my wife. She is a reformed cultist who uses her dark knowledge for good rather than evil.

I think she is pretty fantastic for my wife’s first miniature in over a year. All I can take credit for is the face really.

My wife’s first attempt at robes.

Overall I think she did a great job with the miniature and she enjoyed it and is now moving on to another character in the Mansions of Madness game, though she is not ready for me to show the pics yet. Finally from this game I painted one of my favorite characters from Mansions of Madness first edition. Michael McGlen, I’ve only played him a few times but my most memorable game with him he was being played by Lor and decided he had seen enough terrifying stuff and that the only way out was to kill himself using his tommy gun… not a good way to go.

The 1st edition models seem slightly smaller than the 2nd edition models in both scale and their bases. However he still painted up well.

Also I love that he has a cigar in his mouth! so cool!

Last but not least for Christmas I received a real airbrush and compressor. I have been looking to get one of these for some time to help me quickly paint things like spaceships and vehicles. After getting some time to learn how to use the thing I decided I’d finally attempt to paint one of the Halo Ground Command miniatures I received last Christmas as I am striving to get those models painted ASAP.

Growing up I was a big fan of the Halo franchise. not so much anymore but I was thrilled when this game was announced.

The Airbrush made this a joy to paint as all I really had to do was the detail work. I can honestly say I can’t wait to get some time to work on the second one.

Other Side

I used to really hate having to paint vehicles for games because no matter how I did it the models were left with messy brush strokes which ruined the models in my opinion. With the airbrush now a lot of my bigger models seem a lot less daunting. I’m looking forward to getting some of these models painted up asap. Also the amount of time saved when spraying the paint vs brush work is immense.

I guess I should talk a bit about it here. Recently Spartan Games announced they would be closing their doors. This was sad news for Lor and I as we had gotten our start in a non-40k system with Spartan Game’s Firestorm Armada rules playing both Dindrenzi and Terran factions. While we loved the game we found it took to long to play, especially for video content purposes. We eventually moved on to X-wing which was a lot faster to play. However I still look back on our time with Firestorm Armada fondly as it truly felt like an epic space conflict when you played it. This is why I got some of the Halo Ground Command miniatures when the game launched. As a fan of Halo and of Spartan Games I was eager to support the new venture. Sadly I was unable to acquire a large amount of the models when the company was still active. This is why I hope to get these models done and painted as a testament to one of my favorite game companies that are no longer with us. My heart goes out to all the talented people at Spartan Games who were effected by the shuttering of the studio. Thanks for the great gaming memories.

And with that stay tuned for a lot more Hobby Table content coming in 2018 as I make a concentrated effort to work through my overwhelming collection of unpainted miniatures. Cheers and thanks for looking!