Welcome to Episode 2 of The Road to Hoth series. Click the jump to see how I went about creating the army lists for our upcoming large-scale Hoth battle.

Rebel Forces:

According to Wookiepedia the Rebels defending Hoth had at least twelve T-47 Airspeeders a long with X-wings allocated to defend the escaping shuttles as well as a few Clone War era turrets and Rebel infantry. I considered this when making our lists for our version of the Battle of Hoth.

Comparison shot FFG X-wing against the Mel’s Miniature T-47 Airspeeder

We decided to purchase 12 T-47 Airspeeders to represent the Rogue Squadron listed on Wookiepedia. The T-47 miniatures were purchased here. Using the cards created and provided by the designer we were left to figure out which pilots and equipment we would attach to the ships. Since there is no card for harpoons and tow cables I figured I would outfit the ships with various different cannon mounts. This was done to reflect the varying degrees of equipment that would be available to the Rebel Alliance. With those decisions in mind our version of Rogue Squadron looks like this.

  1. T-47 Airspeeder – Wedge Antillies – Squad Leader – Mangler Cannon – Gunner – 36 pts
  2. T-47 Airspeeder – Derek Klivian – Swarm Tactics – Auto Blaster – Gunner – 34 pts
  3. T-47 Airspeeder – Flachette Cannon – Leebo – 24 pts
  4. T-47 Airspeeder – Heavy Laser Cannon – Jan Ors – 29 pts
  5. T-47 Airspeeder – Ion Cannon – Dash Rendar – 25 pts
  6. T-47 Airspeeder – Mangler Cannon – Nien Numb – 25 pts
  7. T-47 Airspeeder –  Auto Blaster – Kyle Katarn – 28 pts
  8. T-47 Airspeeder – Flachette Cannon – Luke Skywalker – 29pts
  9. T-47 Airspeeder – Heavy Laser Cannon – Weapons Engineer – 30 pts
  10. T-47 Airspeeder –  Ion Cannon – Weapon Engineer- 26 pts
  11. T-47 Airspeeder – Heavy Laser Cannon- Recon Specialist – 30pts
  12. T-47 Airspeeder  –  Ion Cannon – Mercenary Co-pilot – 25 pts

    We purchased and painted up one of the Mel’s Miniatures Snow Speeders. Overall we’re really happy with the finished product.

Total: 341 points

I feel that the list above actually adds more flavour to the game then running just generic T-47’s with no pilots. It’ll be interesting to see the way the squadron plays on the table with all their different abilities. The different cannon mounts were chosen at random as well. Overall I’m really happy with this build representing Rogue Squadron during the Battle of Hoth.

Next we decided to add X-wings to the battle to provide more air support. The X-wings will be Rookie Pilot’s since the bulk of the Rebel pilots who took part in the attack on the death star are already assigned to the T-47 Airspeeders. The X-wing’s primary goal will be to defend the Rebel Transport, Shield Generator and Ion Cannon from the Imperial air support which we will be adding and discussing in the Imperial section of this article.

The X-wing squadron will look like:

  1. Rookie Pilot – Flachette Torpedoes – R2 Astromech – 26 pts
  2. Rookie Pilot – Flachette Torpedoes – R5 Astromech – 26 pts
  3. Rookie Pilot – Flachette Torpedoes – R7 Astromech – 27 pts
  4. Rookie Pilot – Flachette Torpedoes – R2 Astromech – 26 pts
  5. Rookie Pilot – Flachette Torpedoes – R5 Astormech – 26 pts

Total: 131 points

We avoided named Astromech droids on these X-wings because they are Rookies and would unlikely be assigned the more experienced droids. R2-D2 was patiently waiting with Luke’s X-wing in the films. Armed them with Flachette Torpedoes for fun since they will likely be fighting TIE Fighters. Overall I feel that this squadron does not overshadow the T-47’s and will act as a nice compliment.

Next were going to throw in some Rebel Infantry to hold the trench outside Echo Base. Were going to be using infantry units from Dropzone Commander. I’ve decided to use the UCM Infantry pictured here. The rules for the units will be as follows. We are in the process of creating cards for these units.

PS will be 2, Firepower will be 2, Evade will be 0, Hit Points will be 3. Shots against vehicles only count on critical hits (if focused) eyes count as critical hits. Points per base will be 5 pts.

The Rebel Ground troopers will cost 30 points.

The turrets used by the Rebels will have stats something like this.

PS will be 0, Firepower will be 2, Evade will be 0, Hit Points will be 5. Shots against airborne vehicles only count on critical hits (if focused) eyes count as critical hits. Points per turret will be 21 pts (same as the AT-PT units the Imperials will have.) 

Total: 63 points

That brings the total Rebel Forces to: 535 points. 

Another Shot of the Snow Speeder!

Now we will move on to the Imperial side of things. Wookiepedia actually lists the Thundering Herd as having a truly large amount of AT-AT though only three are shown in the film. We have decided to field only three AT-AT in our force. They will look like something like this.

  1. AT-AT – Autoblaster – Rebel Captive – Mara Jade – 71 points
  2. AT-AT – Autoblaster – Moff Jerjerrod – Tactician – 69 points
  3. AT-AT – Autoblaster – Fleet Officer – Ysanne Isard – 72 points

Total: 212 points

The AT-AT’s are built to deal out a lot of stress to hamper the rebel ships from commanding the board by removing their maneuverability. The AT-AT’s will also be responsible for taking out the Base Shields and the Ion Cannon.

We added additional ground units to deal with the Rebel Ground assets.

Two AT-AA units with Gunner for a total cost of 82 points. These units will really put the hurt on the Rebel aircraft

We added a squad of AT-PT’s featuring four of the small walkers. 28 points.

A squad of AT-ST with Gunner’s with four walkers is 96 points.

This brings the total ground assault assets for the Imperial side up to.

Total: 206 points

To represent the 181st and add Vadar we decided to include the following:

TIE Interceptor – Soontir Fel – Outmanuver – 30 points

TIE Interceptor- Turr Phenar – Predator – 28 points

TIE Bomber – Major Rymer – Proton Bombs – 31 points

TIE Bomber – Captain Jonus – Proton Bombs  – 27 points

VT-49 Decimator – Commander Kenkirk – Ruthlessness – Darth Vadar – 50 points

Total: 166 points

We originally wanted to use TIE Fighters to go up against the X-wings but the TIE Bombers fit more with the attack on the generator and since two of them are part of the 181st IFW I figured why not include Soontir and Turr instead of generic TIE’s. Than we wanted to add Vadar as we know from the movie that he took part in the battle. Originally I was going to put him in a Lambda shuttle but the Decimator is just way too cool looking and it is the best ship for Vadar’s character ability so I felt this was a better fit.

Total Imperial Point Cost: 584 points. 

Close enough of a match for us. The Imperials have a bit of an upper hand in the points department but after all. The Rebels shouldn’t be a direct match for the Imperials at Hoth anyway since they were prepping an evac during the battle.

Now that we know what were working with list wise we will begin designing the scenario. Stay tuned for Episode 3 on the Road to Hoth series where we actually take you through all the steps we used in creating our scenario. Thanks for reading!