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  1. Tom says:

    Hey really enjoy your videos. Sorry you aren’t liking Armada though. I thought it was unbalanced too at first, but now after playing a few more times and watching some other games I’m starting to see things differently. At my last event, I lost one of my Victory Is to the whale, but completely obliterated a Nebulon B with a squadron strike force in a single turn. I think there is a lot of strategy that goes into this one, much more than X-Wing, and because there are so many strategic options — even some that are just now being discovered — it can definitely alter perception in a negative manner. Still, it might just not be your thing and that’s cool, but I hope it grows on you guys since I like watching your games. 🙂


    • Lorenzo says:

      Thanks for the feedback and kind words.

      I would agree with you that there is a lot of strategy in Armada vs. what I would call tactics in X-Wing, but that is precisely one of the things we don’t like about Armada. So much of the course of a game is determined so far in advance (with the broad strokes essentially determined at deployment) that much of the game is spent simply playing out events. In X-Wing (and other games, such as Firestorm Armada) a lot of the gameplay depth comes from the ability and necessity of adapting your gameplan on the fly based on the ebb and flow of game turns. We find the necessity of thinking on your feet and adapting the gameplan you have in mind is key to keeping us engaged with tabletop games, so Armada’s more strategic focus is a little less to our taste.

  2. Rocmistro says:

    I realize I’m like…a year late to the conversation (just started seeing some of your batreps on Youtube). When my buddy and I got into Armada, I immediately came to the realization that Armada is to Warhammer Fantasy as X Wing is to 40k. In WHFB, you could win (or lose) a game in deployment. Personally, i like that aspect of both WHFB and Armada, but if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. I think your opinion represents the majority, as both 40K and XWing are more popular than their sibling games.

    To each his own. I frekkin’ love Armada. Thanks for making the battle reports, I hope you guys come back to the game someday.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Thanks for the feedback.

      G and I both like games where you are forced to think on your feet and adapt on the fly, rather than games where you are essentially path committed at deployment. I think that, fundamentally, is why we never got on with Armada.

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