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Armada Video Battle Report: 400 Point Battle

We try playing at 400 points to see if that addresses our concerns with Armada, G tries a double whale list, and we move our final thoughts to the blog for this game……

Armada Video Battle Report: Dual Gladiator vs. A Whale’n’Stuff

In this week’s video battle report we play another 300 point game of Armada, Lorenzo discovers the joy of having initiative, and G discovers some issues with the game mechanics, and Demolisher does another Miley Cyrus impersonation……

Armada Video Battle Report: 300 Points of Wave 1

300 Points of Wave 1

In today’s video battle report G and Lorenzo explore what the new ships and cards in the Wave 1 expansion for Armada bring to the game. If only Demolisher wasn’t a unique card……

Armada Video Batrep: Learning Mission, Take 2

Armada Game 2

In this video battle report, G and Lorenzo re-play the learning scenario to make sure they try and get all the basic rules down before getting into obstacles and upgrade cards.¬†Hopefully, we managed to keep the mistakes to a relative minimum this game……

Armada Video Batrep: Learning the Learning Mission

Armada Default Lists

In this video battle report, G and I try to learn the learning scenario in real-time while you watch us play. This leads to entertainment, profanity, and errors for us, and hopefully entertainment for you. Also, we realized after the video was shot that we played Squadrons wrong. The error will (hopefully) not be repeated….