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Imperial Assault Video Campaign Report: Game 6 – Luxury Cruise

In today’s game G is forced to deal with a ridiculous cavalcade of Storm Troopers as a result of playing this mission at threat level 4, and one of our bloody studio lights pops while we shoot….

Imperial Assault Campaign Report: Game 5 – Imperial Hospitality

In today’s video: G tries to rescue Gideon from an Imperial holding cell, Lorenzo sends in a billion dudes to try and stop him, G rants about Gaarkhan again, and the game ends up being an epic 11-turn meat-grinder that comes down to a single dice-roll….

Imperial Assault Video Campaign Report: Game 4 – Armed and Operational

In today’s video: Lorenzo throws down hordes of Imperial troops, G tries to get the Rebel Saboteurs to the prototype, Gaarkhan fluffs a phenomenal number of dice rolls, and we try out filming IA with a camera boom….

Imperial Assault Video Campaign Report: Game 3 – Under Siege

This week G’s heroes face an Imperial onslaught in the Under Siege mission, we manage to play an entire game solely with painted models, and the the outcome of the game ends up coming down to a single dice roll……

Imperial Assault Video Campaign Report: Game 2 – The Spice Job

This week G and Lorenzo return to their Imperial Assault campaign, incorporate figures from the Twin Shadows expansion, and Lorenzo desperately tries to prevent G from getting Chewbacca as an ally……

Imperial Assault Skirmish Battle Report: Hazardous Materials

This week we play IA Skirmish for the first time in a while. G takes Luke and motley assortment of other Rebels, while Lorenzo takes another Weiss shenanigan list. The game gets quite bloody, quite quickly……

Imperial Assault Campaign Report: Game 1 – Aftermath

This week G and Lorenzo start up an Imperial Assault campaign and play the introductory mission, Aftermath. with Lorenzo controlling the Imperials and G controlling all 4 heroes of the Rebellion, and eventually realizing heroes can shoot twice in campaign……

Imperial Assault Skirmish Video Battle Report: May the 4th Be With You!

May 4th Batrep

To celebrate May the 4th, G and Lorenzo break out some awesome 3D terrain and play the “Local Trouble” skirmish mission from the Han Solo expansion. Check out whether the obscene time and money investment in the terrain was worth it!…