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Dropfleet Commander Battle Report: Is the Scourge Starter Overpowered?

In today’s video battle report: We play the Scourge starter vs. the PHR starter to try and get a sense of whether the Scourge starter is as jacked as it appears, and G gives an enthusiastic examination of the PHR starter list……

Dropzone Commander Battle Report: UCM vs. Scourge Starter Scenario

In this video battle report: We dust off Dropzone Commander and take the two player starter set for a spin, we start to remember why we liked this game so much when we first tried it, and Lorenzo realizes we are going to need a wide angle lens to film this game because buildings obscure…

Dropfleet Commander Battle Report: UCM Starter vs. PHR Starter

In today’s video battle report: We try out Dropfleet Commander using the PHR and UCM starters, We rant about Hawk’s Kickstarter fulfilment, and we end up having a decent scrap while trying to learn the rules…….