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Imperial Assault Video Campaign Report: Game 6 – Luxury Cruise

In today’s game G is forced to deal with a ridiculous cavalcade of Storm Troopers as a result of playing this mission at threat level 4, and one of our bloody studio lights pops while we shoot….

Imperial Assault Skirmish Video Battle Report: Prison Break

In this Imperial Assault Skirmish battle report G tries out Scum and Villainy, Lorenzo has Weiss running around inside and Imperial Officers ordering each other around for kicks, and the game turns into a wild seesaw battle until the very last moment……

Imperial Assault Skirmish Video Battle Report: May the 4th Be With You!

May 4th Batrep

To celebrate May the 4th, G and Lorenzo break out some awesome 3D terrain and play the “Local Trouble” skirmish mission from the Han Solo expansion. Check out whether the obscene time and money investment in the terrain was worth it!…

Imperial Assault Skirmish Video Battle Report: The 80 Point Experiment

The 80 Point Experiment

In today’s video battle report G and Lorenzo experiment with playing IA Skirmish at 80 points using a larger map, and hopefully making a few less mistakes than in the previous game…we probably should have stuck to stock card usage……

Imperial Assault Campaign: Episode 2 & 3 “How not to Play”

Hey everyone, I’m back from the dead with a “not”¬†¬†battle report of our last two games of Imperial Assault. We decided to not post full battle reports of these two games where after game three we noticed that we were basically playing jailhouse rules. Anyway click the jump to see some neat pics of our…

X-Wing Video Batrep: Dual Defender vs. S&V 4Z/2Y

Dual Defenders vs. S&V 4Z/2Y

In this video battle report, I finally get to fly something that isn’t a Decimator or a Phantom in a skirmish game, and G decides he wants to try out some S&V shenanigans with a minimal dollar investment….

Painting Imperial Assault

Hey Everyone. Lorenzo and I have decided to paint our Imperial Assault miniatures to add more flavor to our games. Click the Jump to see how they are turning out!…