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X-Wing Skirmish Battle Report: Whisper/Chiraneau vs. New Han/PS9 Poe

In today’s game: We decide to play two ship lists, we can’t bloody remember to use Rebel Captive, G tries out new Han, Lorenzo discovers how good Palpatine is for a Whisper/Chiraneau list, and we both remember why we don’t usually play two ship lists……

X-Wing Video Battle Report: Youngster Epsilon Swarm vs. Leebo and 2 T-70’s

In this video battle report: Lorenzo tries pairing Epsilon Leader with Youngster and Rage for some TIE swarm fun, G doesn’t list tailor like a complete dick, and we try not to make too many mistakes due to sleep deprivation and filming early in the morning……

X-Wing Battle Report: Epic, but Short

G and Lorenzo finally pit a CR-90 led Rebel fleet against a Raider led Imperial fleet but the game has to be called early due to time, though the ultimate outcomes was already clear…….